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FR009-Passion Fruit - 10x100gr x 1,30€ (Vat Inc.) 13.00e

About Passion Fruit Nutritional Properties: The Passion Fruit is a fruit rich in vitamin C and niacin (vitamin B complex of). It also contains good amounts of iron, calcium, phosphorus and fiber. Caloric Value: 100 grams of Passion Fruit provide 90 calories. Medicinal Properties: It contains a sedative substance, called passiflorina, indicated as soothing. Already their leaves are used to fight fevers and inflammation of the skin without infection.

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Tuotteen lisäyspäivä: torstai, 27. elokuu 2009.
02FROUT11-Box BIO Acai - 4kg (40x100gr)
02FROUT11-Box BIO Acai - 4kg (40x100gr)
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