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Recipe of Açaí in the Bowl*** *** Click Here! 0.00e

For the base: 200gr of frozen Açaí pulp (2 bags with 100g each), 100ml milk, orange juice or any juice that you prefer; 1 or 2 banana and honey or mascavo sugar if you like it more sweet. To decorate you may use cereals, banana, fresh strawberries or any other fruit which you prefer. How to prepare: Mix the pulps, milk or juice, banana and honey in the blender until it get the texture of ice cream. Place it in a bowl and sprinkle the cereals on top. Then cut the banana into slices and spread over the cereals. Garnish with a little honey over and good appetite.

Tuotteen lisäyspäivä: maanantai, 19. huhtikuu 2010.
FR005B-Caja Fruit FM- 10x100gr x 1,30€ (Vat Inc.)
FR005B-Caja Fruit FM- 10x100gr x 1,30€ (Vat Inc.)
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