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About us
The BRS Import & Commerce was founded in January 2008 with the purpose of import, distribute and sell Brazilian products. Headquartered in Finland, currently imports and distributes frozen fruit pulp, free of preservatives and sweeteners, targeting companies meet the food industry and the public direct. The pulps supplied by BRS are held exclusively by the system IQF (Individually Quick Frozen). The system IQF is generally considered as the most modern and efficient for the freezing of fruits and vegetables, ensuring the characteristics, the original flavour and nutrients from food. With twelve varieties of flavours, BRS import into Finland frozen fruit pulp of the marks De Marchi and Acai GmbH. The pulp is used in the preparation of juices, cocktails, desserts, ice cream, smoothies, etc. The high standard of quality of pulp ensures the final products original taste the fruit, without the loss of their natural properties, leaving for the creativity of those who used and who consumes the finishing touches in preparation. The pulp is available in individual doses in packs of 100gr, which added 230ml of water or milk is sufficient in the preparation of 330ml. The packaging single dose prevents the most of wastage in comparison with traditional packaging 1lt of concentrate, thereby reducing the cost of the final product. The distribution is done in pockets of 1kg (10x100gr), 600gr (6x100gr) or boxes with 6kg (60x100gr). Packagings for the food industry are available only on order. The storage of pulp is made do with a temperature of -18 ° C to -25 ° C. For specific information about the product, ask questions and / or make suggestions, please use the service of client services available on this site under the heading of contact on the main menu. Your request can be made directly through the site on this page under the heading of request in the main menu, or coming into contact and requesting the visit of the agent.
FR009-Passion Fruit - 10x100gr x 1,30€ (Vat Inc.)
FR009-Passion Fruit - 10x100gr x 1,30€ (Vat Inc.)
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